“I used to lie awake nights worrying about my business and what to do differently to get payment from some customers. Thank you!” -  Roberta Black
Leverage for payment
The Collections Challenge
- Archimedes (Mathematician and Inventor, 280-211 BC)

Your business delivered what it promised,
and you expect payment as the customer agreed.

After they have what they wanted,
they believe they are in control
of when or if payment will be made.
They may believe their issues permit
slow-pay or no-payment.

They must know non-payment costs you.
If they can gain sympathies
and/or deny payment long enough,
they may count on this:
That you will eventually choose to bear the loss.


                                       to experience payment results when your business effectively applies the collection tools, techniques, and tactics of our 3T-Leverage.  Some customers need only a nudge in the right direction, others need more leverage applied until payment is received.  Quickly move customers to make payment to your business their priority.

Get paid or bear the loss, your choice.  "You want different results..., do something differently" (unknown author)
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Archimedes invented innovative tools, techniques, and tactics using the concept of leverage to help the people of his time, and inspired the name of our company.

Leverage can move people, for example: privilege or punishment, laws, dessert for the kids, etc., to produce action results.  Proper leverage can move a customer to act with payment on an amount owed.

An amount owed becomes a payment collection situation at the first contact, call, email, or letter that goes out from your business to remind a customer of their obligation to pay. Your business begins to bear losses as added costs of retrieving its money at this point.

The original-creditor business that provided goods, services, or a loan of funds, has greater advantage to leverage payment from its customer than any outsourced collections agency or law firm. Collection abuses by third-party collection services prompted the enactment of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) to restrict their actions.

Original-creditor businesses apply the 3T-Leverage of ArchimedesEnRich, The EnRich Product, and Uprofit to move a customer to make payment.
"Give me a lever long enough..., and I will move the Earth."
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