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Business owners and their staff may find it challenging to maintain the type of control that payment-past-due accounts and customers often require.  Other, more productive demands of the business for their time may push payment collection work aside.

Receiving response and payment are productivity measurements of payment collection work.  Due to their mostly confrontational and unproductive nature, payment collection tasks may not get the consistent attention and time needed to produce results.  You can remedy this with 3T-Leverage.

Control with calmness, confidence, and consistency provides the advantage to win in any challenge.  What is the value to your business for you and your staff to feel differently about collection work--for it to be productive, less confrontational, and completed with calmness and confidence until payment is received?

Slow-pay and no-payment customer situations are more often related to their money-management issues, and their own priorities. They choose to withhold payment to your business, keeping your invested costs and profit.

Businesses must quickly seize the attention of these customers by doing things differently so they are aware that there is a strong and determined action for payment.  Your business can do this by expressing that its request-for-payment message is serious, and if not responded to could cost the customer more than their existing obligation.  We provide you with effective ways to do this.

Other effective and efficient, thinking-outside-the-box ways your business might choose to apply our 3T-Leverage may include, yet are not limited to:

* Your business can often recover certain costs-of-collection related to payment collection.  For example: the low cost of ArchimedesEnRich services included in the request-for-payment invoices from your business.

* Protect your business' investment and profit in a transaction situation by establishing a security interest in the amount owed by a customer;

* There are ways to accept Valuable Consideration greater than the cash value owed--this profitable alternative may bring in other new benefits to your business, including customers.
We provide our innovative payment collection 3T-Leverage for payment results to the business market from our results driven and proven Circle-of-Solutions.  Our Circle-of-Solutions offers benefits for any business, and is delivered through The EnRich Product, ArchimedesEnRich guidance services, Uprofit facilitating services, and our Referral Incentive Plan.
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When The EnRich Product's "Chain of Claim sm" proprietary payment collection leverage language is included in an invoice, it establishes a strong linkage between a Provider, their customer, and the amount owed in a transaction situation.  A Licensee gains tools of leverage to compel payment.  The EnRich Product is researched and recommended by the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM).
ArchimedesEnRich LLC provides guidance services to its clients for thirty-day periods, for as many periods as a Client may arrange.  Our staff assist a client/licensee business to activate and apply payment collection leverage techniques and tactics, and The EnRich Product's payment collection leverage tools, in their specific transaction situations to move a customer to make payment of an amount owed to their business.  Clients are continually guided, as needed, to bring these situations to conclusion--ninety-two percent of what is received is retained by the Client.

The initial investment is only $164.00, and includes a ninety-day license to use The EnRich Product, and thirty-days of working with ArchimedesEnRich Customer Service Partner staff on a number of mutually agreed upon payment collection situations.  In this time, Clients will quickly experience customer responses in the situations they apply our 3T-Leverage as guided.  They can then compare the new response results against any prior methods their business may have employed in trying to obtain customer responses.  Our 3T-Leverage is a different way, and the results prove it.

Uprofit LLC - Business Debts and Collections Resolved Today.  Uprofit can provide services to a business that owes an amount to another business, or is owed an amount from a business to facilitate a mutually agreed upon arrangement to conclude the transaction situation with payment of Valuable Consideration in lieu of cash, or a combination payment.

A Uprofit example: a restaurant would make payment with its gift cards over the amount of cash owed to a landscaping company.  The landscaper gets paid, and profits by getting paid more in Valuable Consideration than the cash amount owed to cover expenses and losses, and may experience other barter benefits.  The restaurant pays out less cash to produce meals for the gift cards than what was owed, and inexpensively gets the end-consumers of the gift cards as new customers.  For both, a relationship is preserved for future business opportunities.  There may be ways a creditor can liquidate or barter the Valuable Consideration received.

Referral Rewards.  You may have clients, customers, group members, or know a business associate or a friend whose business may profit from our products and/or services.  Contact us about recurring income opportunities when your referrals to us become our Clients and/or Licensees.

The bottom-line?  VALUE.  When our 3T-Leverage--the collection tools, techniques, and tactics become learned experiences and of known value to your company; those skills and their use will bring value to you, your staff, and your business for as long as you employ them.

                                      to profit from the Circle-of-Solutions.
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