Referral Rewards
The Referral page and form is available for the convenience of our Clients, business associates, and visitors to our website to contact us with referrals to businesses and owners they know.

A referral is networking.  Associates and friends help to increase the opportunity to discover things that may benefit your business.

The form is provided to facilitate qualifying for referral rewards as a referring party for your referrals.  As your clients, customers, business associates, and friends respond favorably to the good news about us and consent to our initiating contact, simply return to this page to submit each new referral.  In any business owner's busy day things may get overlooked, even good news.

Initial referral rewards apply with each qualified referral who becomes a Client of ArchmedesEnRich and/or Licensee of The EnRich Product.

Thereafter, recurring referral rewards apply with each consecutive thirty-day period a referred Client of ArchimedesEnRich continues services; and for each consecutive licensing period a Licensee of The EnRich Product continues their License.

Initial and recurring referral reward payments to a referring party are paid in the Valuable Consideration form of payment used by the referred Client and/or Licensee.

As referrals are contacted by us they need to indicate knowing the Referring Party and that we would contact them, for them to qualify as a referral.  We will promptly contact the referring party if the referral denies these.

Quality referrals are valuable to our company, to a referring party, and to those being referred, and are worthy of the time invested to qualify them for legitimacy and for Client retention.

Your small investment of time to help those you know, share the good news with them, and then tell us who to contact, is an investment that will continue to pay you rewards for as long as your referral remains a Client and/or Licensee.
Please complete the form below to contact us about our Referral Rewards and/or to send us a new referral.  An * indicates a required field.  Providing referrals is optional for someone contacting us for the first time.  Space is provided below to include the contact information of the business and owner you wish to refer for us to initiate contact.  All information is kept confidential to our companies.
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We will contact your referral promptly to share how 3T-Leverage can nudge their customers to move to make payment to their business.  We will follow up with you regarding your referral after we successfully contact them.