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We offer our 3T-Leverage to cause payment results for your business.  You choose the course and action to take when a customer's payment is past-due on an account or in a single transaction arrangement.

Your business' costs in a transaction for payroll, materials, and/or a product were borrowed from your operating profit margin--a loan to your customer.  Your costs plus profit margin in the transaction is an amount your business risks losing with every delay.

Every minute spent on payment collection tasks by a business owner or their staff, is time an owner could spend on revenue generating opportunities, and is paid time an employee could be doing more productive work.  Every spent unproductive moment pursuing a payment compounds the potential losses in a transaction, and is a distraction in the flow of productive work for you and/or your staff.

Time is critical.  The opportunity of receiving payment decreases each passing day it is past-due, yet your business bears the mounting losses.

Apply our 3T-Leverage as soon as an amount is past-due.  A gentle nudge is nicely letting them know what your business can do to cause payment.  The sooner your business applies this payment leverage, the sooner your customer will be moved to respond and make payment to your business.  This is a direct time and money saving benefit to your business.

Customers generally respond when they finally realize that your business is determined to be paid as agreed.  As we work together, we provide techniques and tactics on how to utilize the valuable information your  customer responses may provide for you to plan what course of action your business might choose to take next, and how fast, if payment isn't received. 

The message to seize your customers' attention, and the instrument to compel their payment, is yours in our 3T-Leverage.  Choose to get paid.
ArchimedesEnRich - Payment Collection Leverage--Guided Results.

We provide payment collection leverage solutions, offering our innovative 3T-Leverage--the tools, techniques, and tactics of ArchimedesEnRich, The EnRich Product, and Uprofit to original-creditor businesses for payment leverage to move their customers to produce payment on the goods, services, or loan of funds that their customer received from them.  A payment collection situation exists when payment is not received and cleared as agreed upon; and contact in any form by your business is made to a customer regarding payment on an amount owed to your business.  

ArchimedesEnRich provides guidance services from our staff to businesses who license The EnRich Product.  The EnRich Product provides a toolbox of instruments to compel your customer(s) to make payment.  Licensees implement its "Chain-of-Claim sm" proprietary payment collection leverage language, guided with our leverage techniques and tactics, in specific transaction situations to produce payment results.  Clients submit information to us on those situations for our guidance in applying our 3T-Leverage.

When a Client and/or their staff believe they are ready, The EnRich Product can be licensed independently.  They can then apply it with the learned payment leverage techniques and tactics in any transaction situation for the Licensee business. The ArchimedesEnRich Client and/or The EnRich Product Licensee is the provider in a transaction situation.

We are not a collection agency or law firm.  ArchimedesEnRich staff are not representatives in any capacity whatsoever for any Client, and do not make any contact with their customer(s) regarding payment.

Our mission is to assist businesses to receive payment with minimum expense and maximum recovery employing our 3T-Leverage.  Businesses will increase their payment collection task productivity, protect their investment in the transaction, and cut losses by reducing the time between the transaction and receipt of payment that concludes the transaction, or restores a customer's account to being in good-standing.

Our dedicated Customer Service Partner(CSP) staff work as closely with a  business owner, their staff, or other trusted representatives of a business, as may be requested.  Our services are delivered by telephone, internet, and email to make the most valued use of our Client's time; and allows our payment collection 3T-Leverage to remain inexpensive.

Your business extended credit to a customer in a business transaction.  Any business that has had to pursue a customer for payment has experienced the challenges of receiving response and payment.  When those good faith agreements are not timely honored, or worse, they inflict financial burdens and losses on your business.  It's your money they have inappropriately kept, and the customer is responsible for creating the problem.  Yet, your business has to deal with the problem and bear the burden of loss.  Acquire the resources of our 3T-Leverage to own the knowledge and experience of using leverage resources to quickly and inexpensively move problem accounts and customers to respond and pay.
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