“I used to lie awake nights worrying about how I was going to put three kids through college. Now I sleep like a baby. Thank you!” -  Roberta Black

​We Guarantee IN WRITING 


ArchimedesEnRich LLC guarantees to Your Business  
that a Problem Account Will pay Your Business in Less than 60 days !!! - And without you having to call them - - with our way they will be contacting you.

If they do not pay Your Business, as we have promised,

 there will be ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE for our Services

We are here to help you nudge those Problem Accounts to respond and pay




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This is how our Clients benefit from using The Calm Business Disagreement Resolution Way. 
These facts are from our verifiable Client records  
1) We received an email from Mr. Michael Cleardon owner of Cleardon Electric
     on August 30, 2018.
2)  We responded with an email letter dated September 4, 2018 acknowledging his email 
      and defined for him our current business  arrangements. Our letter dated
      September 4, 2018, that was in response to Cleardon Electric’s email, represents the basic letter that ArchimedesEnRich LLC sends to any Client, new or existing, spelling out our current business terms. We require a confirmation, in writing, before any service work is begun to avoid any misunderstandings. In this Problem Situation of Cleardon Electric, after they were assured, in writing, that there are NO CHARGES - unless there is a confirmed Resolution, then they emailed to us their  unpaid Customer’s Invoice for $2500.00. A single piece of paperwork was all they had and it was quite sufficient. 
3) From that single document we prepared Summary Invoice 090718EPS and the 1st polite Greeting Letter dated September 5, 2018. In addition to Cleardon Electric’s Invoice to their Customer for $2500.00 there was then added an item listed in Summary Invoice 090718EPS labeled Current Cost of Collection (COC) in the amount of $825.00. This $825.00 added item is provided for Cleardon Electric to FULLY RECOVER their full balance and ALL of our Conclusion Fee of $266.00 which is a purely flat fee of 8% figured upon the actual amount of money received by our Clients . This is our way of being able to fulfill our promise to our Clients that our Service to them can be at a zero cost.. PLEASE Note – the COC amount is only a suggestion by ArchimedesEnRich LLC to each individual Client. The Client alone decides on what will be a satisfactory COC to them in view of what they know about their account.
4) Cleardon Electric then mailed copies of the Summary Invoice 090718EPS and the 1st
     friendly Greeting Letter dated September 5, 2018 to each of the 3 Parties listed in the 1st
     friendly Greeting Letter.
5) There was not a timely response and so a 2nd polite Greeting Letter and  a Demand Notice 
     dated September 15, 2018 were then promptly mailed
      by Cleardon Electric to all 3 of the Parties listed in the 2nd friendly Greeting Letter. 
6)   Again, there was not a timely response and so a 3rd polite Greeting Letter
     dated September 20, 2018 along with some preliminary information to show that 
      preparations were underway to proceed with a Small Claims filing by Cleardon Electric.
      These 2 documents were then mailed to all 3 of the listed Parties in the
      3rd friendly Greeting letter.
7)   On September 28, 2018 Cleardon Electric received a check for the FULL amount of $3,325.00.
      September 7, 2018 to September 28, 2018 21 Days to obtain Completely Successful Results! 
      Cleardon Electric then paid our fixed  Flat Fee of 8% which was  $266.00 and Cleardon Electric          was able to gain an extra $434.00 because this specific   Problem Account paid the full $825.00          Cost of Collection. Cleardon Electric was very pleased with the outcome and that extra money. 
     Here are the fundamental Proprietary and Trademarked steps that we provide to our Clients to           deliver to them a Calm Business Disagreement Resolution.

1- APPLY – Our SHORT CYCLE – Using our proven 3 step method along with carefully worded inexpensive, verifiable communication techniques, generally spaced over approximately a 1 week period. Through out the entire process, we provide written suggestions to you personally or to other authorized trusted persons who are a part of your business organization, Through Regular US Mail suggested information is mailed to those people and/or companies  who may legitimately owe you money and who may not be paying you as they promised.

2-PROTECT – We “LOCK IN” for our Clients their PROBLEM accounts FULL OBLIGATION – PLUS an extra charge, known as the Current Cost of Collection, allows our Client to  legitimately add this charge because they are utilizing an outside Resolution service - the Calm Business Disagreement Resolution Way. as provided by ArchimedesEnRich LLC.
By use of our U.S. Patented Trademarked language that is incorporated into the Resolution way and in conjunction with a series of carefully worded documents, which after we create them, for our Clients  are often  available with permission to a Client’ whereby the Client , if necessary,, can utilize them in any legal proceedings of their choosing.

3-RECOVER – Our Clients should generally expect to calmly  recover
                          what is legitimately  DUE TO THEM.
A recent analysis has shown that for more than a 10 year period 76% of the Clients using the Calm Business Disagreement Resolution way have obtained the results that they were promised.

As always, we want to share our unbreakable commitment to everyone.
ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT - Whether anyone knows it or not.