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Your business provided goods, services, or a loan of funds as agreed to a customer, completing your side of an uncontested transaction. They promised to pay an amount in a time frame and method as agreed upon.  Your business invested in, and put its trust in this arrangement, and we support your claim to payment.

The domino-effect of non-payment impacts all businesses.  Customers' non-payments may impact your business' ability to pay its bills, employees, or re-invest for its growth and/or improvement.  Every delay in payment owed to your business costs your business TOO MUCH.

There might be situations where a customer can't pay, has indicated a refusal to pay, or may file bankruptcy.  You may choose to establish a security interest in the amount owed to protect your investment.  Your business may decide to seek court remedies, or outsource what has become a collection account to a collection agency or law firm.  With our 3T-Leverage you now have a valuable tool that you inexpensively acquired to provide a well-documented chain-of-claim in the transaction to facilitate your case in these situations.

Our products and services are the most productive in the business-to-business environment.  A business typically has multiple sources of revenue and assets.  This may provide a greater opportunity for you to receive the money owed to your business.

Our companies are members of a number of reputable barter/trade groups that serve businesses in Michigan and other states.  If your business is not a member of one of these groups, other Valuable Consideration arrangements may be considered for mutual benefit.

The Client Agreement and proprietary interests of ArchimedesEnRich are confidential and protected through our Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Access to this page will be allowed to eligible businesses who are interested in becoming a Client after contacting us.

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We serve all 50 states in the USA, with our headquarter offices located in the beautiful city of Brighton, MI, located at: 1056 Charles H. Orndorf Drive, Suite A.

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